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Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology

Faculty Women's Day Lunch.

On the 8th of August, in celebration of National Women's Day, women of the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology commemorated women's day. Dr Sue Patratos (Director: School of Information and Communication Technology) welcomed all women and touched on issues that are currently facing South African Women in our communities, such as women being raped, abused(physically and emotionally).She encouraged women to stand together, know their worth and most of all,Speak Out.She also emphasised on women getting their voices heard, especially when they are looked down on.

Pearson High Career Evening 2018

Pearson High Career Evening took place on the 16th of August 2018.The programme was divided into sessions of 20 minutes each, for speakers to address the Parents and learners who attended the career evening. Mr Alan Roberts (Director: School of Engineering) represented the six departments ,which comprises of Industrial, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Marine Engineering.

He presented vital information regarding qualifications offered, careers in the engineering sector,funding opportunities at Nelson Mandela University,emphasised on admission requirements and on the APS scoring system.Mr Roberts encouraged the learners to work hard and obtain good marks in all their subjects, especially pure Mathematics and Physical Science.

Mr Ikho Bambiso, an Electrical Engineering Lecturer,demonstrated what Engineering is all about by displaying projects that are hand made by students.After each session, learners and parents were given time to ask questions.

Faculty of Engineering ,the Built Environment and Information Technology staff and students represented the faculty below and made sure the event was a success:

  • Mr Gysbert Kleyn (HOD:Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mr Jabulani Tava (Btech student:Industrial Engineering)
  • Mr Oberholster Jacobus (Btech student:Civil Engineering)
  • Ms Lindl Du Preez (Industrial Engineering Administration Professional)
  • Ms Patheka Hobongwana (Project co-ordinator: Advance Mechatronics Technology)
  • Ms Yolokazi Mthi (Marketing Intern:School of Engineering)
  • Mrs Sisanda Mekuto (Marketing Intern: Faculty's Office).
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