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You will need to choose a topic for your dissertation/thesis.

Choosing your research topic is usually one of the most exciting and difficult parts of your research experience, take your time to explore your options. You will be exploring areas nobody has ever examined in quite the same way as you are proposing. It is important that you think hard and long about your research topic before you make a final decision.

It is important when choosing your topic to keep in mind that the proposal must be precise enough to outline what you want to do for the dissertation/thesis. When choosing a topic, it is important to think about the proposal and about what kinds of questions you will be asking in your dissertation/thesis.

You are encouraged to consult widely within your chosen School/Department in order to arrive at a suitable choice of topics for your research.

You should ensure that you read broadly and with insight so that you can be sure that you have established the best possible foundation for your research.

At this stage journal articles may be particularly useful as they often include recommendations or suggestions for further work and represent current thinking in the area of interest. By reading the journal articles you can also gain a feel for what has been done and where gaps exist.