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Sensitive dissertation/thesis

In the case of a dissertation/thesis or parts thereof that could possibly contain sensitive information which has been made available by an organisation and which must be treated as confidential/classified you are referred to the General Prospectus for Procedures to be followed. Please note that in the case of a dissertation/thesis of a sensitive nature, the members of the examination panel will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The content of the dissertation/thesis may not be revealed in any document or in any other way within the period as determined by the Executive Committee of the Senate. The period of confidentiality will commence on the date on which it is handed in for examination purposes.

Duplication and binding for examination purposes must be done under the strictest supervision.

The prescribed bound copies as well as the electronic copy must be stored in the Safety Section of the Library for the stipulated period of time, where after it will be released as soon as declassification has taken place or the stipulated period of time has expired.