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Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology

 The supervisor or promoter:

  • must be a respected professional by other faculty members and students with the necessary academic qualifications.
  • is usually a permanent employee of the University or an employee appointed on fixed-term contract for at least the duration of the study.
  • must be an expert in a particular field with a good track record of research outputs and publications, such as publications and conference papers.
  • must have the theoretical and practical expertise.
  • must have proper supervision and promoter qualifications to prepare and support you during the planning, research and writing stages of your work.
  • must have sufficient time available to supervise adequately and must be available for the duration of the student’s project.
  • must have good interpersonal skills and the willingness to contribute to the development of any keen student.
  • hold at least a master’s degree, though it is preferable that they should hold a doctoral degree. Under no circumstances may a person who has not completed a master’s degree with a research component in the form of a treatise or dissertation be allowed to supervise a research master’s degree.

The Promoter/supervisor for a doctoral degree must hold a doctor’s degree. The co-promoter/supervisor does not have to have a Doctoral degree.