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Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology

The Annual Progress Report is a report that the supervisor/promoter has to complete each year to report to the Faculty RTI Committee on the progress of the students engaged in research for degree purposes.

To download Annual Progress Report Template - click here

It is an important and formal tool to monitor and evaluate each research student’s progress and to ensure that the student stay on track and is making satisfactory progress to continue with the research study.

It provides an opportunity for the student and supervisor/promoter to critically reflect on the progress in your research degree programme during the current year and on intended research directions in the year ahead so as to ensure a quality and timely completion to the research project.

The student is under obligation to keep the supervisor/promoter informed about the progress of the research. The supervisors/promoters may require a written report or reports, when necessary, from the student in the cases where they deem it necessary.

Where this progress is not as desired or in the case of students failing to report to the supervisor/promoter, their obligations in this regard have to be pointed out. The student should therefore make appointments