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Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology

The following guidelines are for the benefit of students and supervisors/ promoters to enable them to fulfil the assessment requirements for a good project proposal:

  • A good proposal should:
    • Be direct and straightforward.
    • Communicate well.
    • Be in good, simple and clear English.
    • Be well organised.
    • Be referenced enough, current, relevant references.
    • Be free of spelling and typing errors.
  • You should check with your supervisor/promoter that all the particular requirements for the degree and Faculty have been covered in the proposal.
  • Your proposal is a very important document and before you hand it in you should read carefully for errors and don’t rely entirely on the word processor’s spelling and grammar checks. A poorly presented research proposal will not inspire confidence.
  • When you and your supervisor/promoter are satisfied with your research proposal a completed and duly signed application form to register the Master’s or Doctoral research project, together with a copy of the research proposal must be submitted to the chairman of the SRTI Committee for approval.