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Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology

Appointing an external examiner


The supervisors/promoters and co-supervisors/co-promoters act as the internal examiner/s for your dissertation/thesis.

In the case of a dissertation at least one external examiner must be appointed and in the case of a thesis two external examiners must be appointed. It is strongly recommended that at least one international examiner should be appointed for a doctoral degree depending on the nature of the research topic. The external examiner/s will be appointed by the Faculty RTI Committee.

The external examiner must be an expert in the field and may not be attached to the NMMU in any way, such as by means of a formal contract of appointment, or a consultancy contract.

Emeritus staff may not be appointed as external examiners.

The same external examiner should not be invited to examine postgraduate research in the same field of discipline on a frequent basis.

Examiners who are not from academic institutions may be appointed where specific expertise is required provided that they are in possession of a appropriate academic qualification, namely a Masters’ Degree in the case of the examination of a dissertation, or a doctoral degree for the examination of a thesis.

The name of the Examiner will not be revealed to the postgraduate student and direct contact between the student and examiner is prohibited.

You and your examiner are not allowed to communicate with each other concerning your dissertation/thesis.

If your dissertation/thesis is returned to you for revision, excerpts from the examiner’s report can be brought to your attention by the supervisor/promoter, without revealing the names of your examiners, in order for you to make the necessary changes.


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