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The Cyber Security Research Group at the NMMU hosted a Cyber Security Talk on Tuesday 13 November at the University. Talks on important topics like; ‘how you protect yourself in cyberspace’ and ‘cyber-bullying’ were given by Dr Johan van Niekerk and Prof Frans Marx respectively.

After these talk, the winners of the Cyber Security Poster Competition received certificates and prizes. Here is Kayla Bosch, from Brylin Primary School, receiving a certificate and a tablet computer as winner of the primary school section from Prof Rossouw von Solms. Kayla’s poster depicted a clear message that one should never trust a stranger in cyberspace. Brylin Primary School also won a data projector for their school because of Kayla’s winning poster.

According to Dr Johan van Niekerk, organizer of the Poster Competition, more than 200 hundred posters were received, mostly from primary schools. The main cyber security messages expounded through these posters were: 1) do not trust strangers in cyberspace, 2) do not reveal private information onto cyberspace and 3) cyber-bullying is very bad and dangerous.

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